Chakra bracelet gold plated with gemstones

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    Making time:1-3 days
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14 carat gold plated

A shiny chakra bracelet with real facetted gemstones i high quality and lovely shine. The stones are: Amethyst (purple), Sodalite (dark bule), Turquoise, Aventurine (pastel green), Citrine (yellow), Carnelian (orange), Garnet (red). All are semi transperent, exept from the Tuquoise (they are never that, they are always opaque), Garnet (opaque) and the Citrine (it is totally transperent). All metall on the bracelet are 14 karat gold plated. I have maed the bracelet adjustable from 16 cm to 20 cm wrist circumference and got springclasp. I hope you like it!

♦ 14 karat gold plated ♦ Amethyst ♦ Sodalite ♦ Turquoise ♦ Aventurine ♦ Citrine ♦ Carnelian ♦ Garnet

♦ Adjustable lenght: 16-20 cm (6.3-7.9 inches)
♦ All gemstones measure 6 mm in diameter
♦ Nickel free and lead free
♦ Delivered in a gift bag (if you choose giftwrapping I wrap in a gift box)
♦ Free shipping

What is a chakra bracelet? Chakra is a trantric yoga word. Way back to year 900 it has been belive that all stones got energy. And that every stone got energy that is good for different places in our body and in life. And the idea and knowingness about chakra are datet to 1577, and became popular in the west in the 1920's. In a chakra bracelet, earrings or necklace for instance are the most inportant stones collected. Stones that are belived to have positive effect on the whole body of the wearer and life in general.