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I am Anne Lise Hestness. And I was born in the West-Coast of Norway for more than 40 years ago. Married and got a grown-up daugther. As a little girl I loved to look at all the beauties in my mothers jewel box. And I always arrived home with my pockets full of pebbles, that I have found on my way. That was the beginning of my interest for jewelry and gemstones. At the age of 15 I started to make my own jewelry and I sold to my mothers friends. That was the beginning of my jewelry business.

I absolutely Love Jewelry, wearing it, designing it, and making it. I love silver, gold, semi precious stones and vintage components. And I am having so much fun each time I create something new. And I am always exited when I wonder about who is going to wear it. 

I am trained at silversmiths and at London Jewellery school. In 1997 I startet a online shop. From 2005 under the name Lissie Dsign.  I am still taking new courses to wide my horisont and to offer your new and exiting jewelry in new tecniques. Deep down I am a romantic, boho, rock chick. Something that shows in my jewelry.

So far this has been a fantastic jouney! A journey I wouldn't have done without you  - fantastic customers! The yourney are not over. And every day I am looking forward to new experiences to share with you.
Fall 2009 I had a exebition at Gallery Havblink (in Norway). And fall 2015 and spring 2016 I was so happy to partisipating at London Fashion Week. My jewelry are shown in many magazines as: Det Nye (Norwegian fashion magazine), The Art of Design, KK, (Norwegian fashion magazine) English Elle, Danish Boligliv to mention some of them. See more about that here

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Best wishes from Anne Lise (Lissie)

" Jewelry are tiny pieces of art that you carry with you. They are can also tell a lot about who you are and can make the whole different in an outfit.  Jewelry are mainly bought with the heart, not with the head.  "

London Fashion Week

In 2015 og 2016 I was so lucky to taking part in London Fashion Week. It was a big experience that felt unreal. Here you see a picture from my stand there in 2016. A the top of this page shown pictures of the model that in 2015 showed my jewelry on the cat walk.

This is me

Not me as you usual would see me home in the house (I like it best wearing t-shirt and  snuggle trousers). But I have dressed up for the occation.

I couldn't belive it
In 2010 I received a e-mail from the norwegian Fashion magazine "Det Nye". I thaught it was some kind of spam. But it wasn't.  They asked for pictures of my best selling "Alice in wonderland" necklace.

I fell into shouts of exitement when I understood it was true. And it went over to embarrassment... Back then I only had a old bad digital camera. So I struggled real hard to produce a picture that was good enough for them to print (therefore the necklace was shown so little in the magazine. They could not show it bigger).


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