About Lissie Design

The firm is established in 2005.
Owner and designer: Anne Lise Hestness
Business number: 988 834 106
Lissie Design are a registrated trademark
Member of Norwegian Goldsmith association

Adress: Lissie Design, Stasjonsveien 20 E, 4018 Stavanger, Norway
Phone: +004741531408 (Work days 13-15 CET)

E-mail: ordre@lissiedesign.no



Lissie Design was established in 2005. But have existed since 1997 (then under the name "Lissie's brukskunst"). Here you find handmade jewelry from Stavanger made by the designer Anne Lise Hestness.

The goal is to offer fantastic people like you inspiring and different jewelry for all the events end everyday of life. Jewelry that gives you a good feeling, and make you want to use them a lot. Jewelry made in Norway that you will not find anywhere else. All is nickel free and lead free. The raw materials are ethically as far as it is possible. And the invironment are always in mind. I produse so little waste as possible. And the jewelry are made with good invironmentally methods. The silver used in the jewelry are mostly recirculated silver (same good quality as new mined silver). Lissie Design takes care of the nature and the animals. So corals and products from animals that is now life stock will not be found here.

Fall 2009 did Lissie Design have a exebition at Gallery Havblink (in Norway). And fall 2015 and spring 2016 The jewelry was shown at London Fashion Week. The Jewelry are also shown in many magazines as: Det Nye (Norwegian fashion magazine), The Art of Design, KK, (Norwegian fashion magazine) English Elle, Danish Boligliv to mention some of them. See more about that here

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