The firm is establishes in 2005.
Owner and designer: Anne Lise Hestness
Business number: 988 834 106
Lissie Design are a registrated trademark

Adress: Lissie Design, Stasjonsveien 20 E, 4018 Stavanger, Norway
Phone: +004795242640 (Work days 13-15 CET)



All jewelry are made in my studio at the West-Coast of Norway. I want to offer you jewelry that are both unique end exiting. Jewelry that is limited and a lot one of a kind. In timeless style, so they can be worn year after year. My goal is to offer you jewelry that you don't find anywhere else. In a unique, elegant bohemian style. Perfect for those with a free spirit that whishes something else that everybody else is wearing.

Quality are always taken care of. Every pearl, gemstone and jewelry part are choosen/made with care. I use reclaimed materials when I can and try to buy ethically and support people in need. I care for the invironment and produce as little waste as possible. All metal used are nickel free and lead free. I care about the nature so coral beads, and leather or bone from other animals than life stock will noe be found in this shop.



I absolutely Love Jewelry, wearing it, designing it, and making it. I love silver, gold, semi precious stones and vintage components. And I am having so much fun each time I create something new. And I am always exited when I wonder about who is going to wear it. 

I am Anne Lise Hestness. And I was born in the West-Coast of Norway for more than 40 years ago. Married and got a grown-up daugther. As a little girl I loved to look at all the beauties in my mothers jewel box. And I always arrived home with my pockets full of pebbles, that I have found on my way. That was the beginning of my interest for jewelry and gemstones. At the age of 15 I started to make my own jewelry and I sold to my mothers friends. That was the beginning of being av jewelry designer. And my business.

I am trained at silversmiths and at London Jewellery school. In 1997 I startet a online shop. From 2005 under the name Lissie Dsign.  I am still taking new courses to wide my horisont and to offer your new and exiting jewelry in new tecniques. Deep down I am a romantic, boho, rock chick. Something that shows in my jewelry.
Fall 2009 I had a exebition at Gallery Havblink (in Norway). And fall 2015 and spring 2016 I was so happy to partisipating at London Fashion Week. My jewelry are shown in many magazines as: Det Nye (Norwegian fashion magazine), The Art of Design, KK, (Norwegian fashion magazine) English Elle, Danish Boligliv to mention some of them. See more about that here

" Jewelry are tiny pieces of art that you carry with you. They are can also tell a lot about who you are and can make the whole differents in an outfit.  Jewelry are mainly bought with the heart, not with the head.  "


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